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Auckland ayurveda Policy and Procedure

At Auckland Ayurveda Ltd. we strive for you to have the most positive and uplifting session possible.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to fill out any paperwork and take care of your personal needs before the session time begins.


Everything discussed during the session and upcoming ones will be kept confidential except when subpoenaed by a court of law. Client details would not be revealed, unless the client has given written permission to do so. We will not confirm nor disclose the fact that a specific person is my client, unless I have permission and the written consent of the client to do so.

Cancellation Policy

Please give at least 24 hours notice if you cannot make your appointment. Unless it is an emergency, you may be charged if you fail to give adequate notice. To avoid being charged for missed appointments and late cancellations, you must reschedule within the same week. If there is an opening available that week, you will not be charged.


In the case of an illness please reschedule your massage session. This is both for the health of the therapist and that of others receiving massage in this office. Usually massage can also exacerbate your illness, due to the circulation enhancing qualities of massage.

Draping and Modesty

The therapist will cover clients with sheets, towels and blankets to provide warmth, comfort and modesty .The area of the body being massaged will be uncovered, but the rest of the body will remain under the drape. Genital areas and female breasts are covered at all times and will not be massaged. Please communicate with the therapist if you are uncomfortable with the draping procedure, or if you are hot or cold.


Ayurvedic massage is non-sexual and is not designated to stimulate or gratify sexual desires for either you or the therapist. Any inappropriate sexual remarks, requests or actions will result in the session being terminated. A client may experience feelings of sensuality or sexual arousal during the massage and this generally passes quickly. If you feel confused about your feelings, please discuss your concerns with your therapist in a neutral manner.